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Science 550

Advanced Science (550)

Advanced Programs if completed successfully, can give your children the equivalent of a university course.

In the science realm, Sonlight offers Advanced Biology and Chemistry.

Advanced Biology

Includes schedule, textbook, answer key, two books, slide set, dissection animals and dissection trays. This program covers both the anatomy and the physiology of the human body's 11 organ systems (including the reproductive system) in detail.

Prerequisite: successful completion of first-year Biology program (250) and first-year Chemistry (350).

Combined with Biology 250, this program gives the student the equivalent of a university biology course.

Advanced Chemistry

Includes textbook, answer key, Exploration 3 Chemistry Kit, and Advanced Chemistry supplies pack.

Prerequisite: successful completion of first-year Chemistry (350).

In addition to a first year of chemistry, the student needs to have completed Algebra 2. The course covers detailed descriptions of limiting-reagent stoichiometry, atomic and molecular orbitals, intermolecular forces, solutions, equilibria, acids and bases, redox reactions, nuclear chemistry, and organic chemistry. Combined with Chemistry 350, this program gives the student the equivalent of a university chemistry course.

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