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Science A

Biology, Botany, and Physics (A)

Science A has all-new, full-color illustrations for your children's enjoyment. If you have an earlier version of the IG for this science homeschool package, use your Repurchase Discount to get the new IG for half off. Look at the difference!

K Science Guide with full-color illustrations

Science A sparks children's curiosity and introduces them to Biology, Earth Science, and Physics--topics you'll return to again over the years.

Colorful and engaging for kids and adults, the Usborne Internet-Linked Children's Encyclopedia leads children to explore countless wonders from space, botany, geology, and the human body.

Find the answers to questions like:

  • Why does thunder come with lightning?
  • How much air do your lungs hold?

From clocks, computers, to trains and planes, students study how things work.

Make a weather vane, absorb liquid through sugar cubes, and even taste-test milkshakes! Experiments cover science with air, plants, and science in the kitchen. The hilarious and fact-filled Discover & Do DVD enhances each experiment.

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