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Going to a homeschool convention?

Download this free "Survivor's Guide" from Sonlight!

Get your copy now: "My Homeschool Convention Survivor's Guide."

Homeschool conventions can be incredibly helpful... and overwhelming. You can do a lot to prepare, and make your experience a productive, refreshing, and affordable one. Let Sonlight help you plan your convention trip and get the most from it.

Three long-time homeschool moms (who also happen to be Sonlight Curriculum Consultants) have combined their years of convention expertise to create this new guide. You can download, print and take it with you... and it doesn't cost a thing.

It's called "My Homeschool Convention Survivor's Guide." If you've been to just one or two conventions or a dozen--this practical guide can literally make the difference between a wonderful weekend and a wasted trip. Here's a peek at what you'll find inside the guide:

  • How to map out your goals and priorities before leaving home
  • Packing exactly what you'll need (and nothing you don't)
  • Helpful tips on how to navigate the convention literature
  • Strategies for maximizing your time in workshops and exhibit halls
  • Advice on smart purchasing habits, from curriculum to food vendors

Download your copy: "My Homeschool Convention Survivor's Guide."

Find a Homeschool Convention in Your Area

Check out Sonlight's homeschool conventions page to find a location near you.

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