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This September and October, let’s raise money for missions by reading!

At Sonlight, we love books and missions.

We love missionary biographies and generosity.

And we love to see children learning and growing in their love for the world.

Combining all of our favorite things, we’re excited to introduce Read for Missions! Your children can raise money for missions, simply by reading great books. And Sonlight will match the donations up to $200,000. Together let’s raise at least $400,000 to support the ministry of these participating agencies.

Let's Make a Difference Together

Together we can make a difference in lives all over the world by sharing the love of Jesus.

During this event, your kids won’t only be fundraising, they’ll also be learning—both academically and spiritually!

For every page your child reads or video they watch, they’ll raise funds that directly support the ministry of their choice.

Here's How it Works

Browse the participating organizations. Which one captures your children’s hearts? Mission India, with their emphasis on children? The Seed Company, with their emphasis on the Scripture in every heart language, using technology to make the task simple?

Pick one to support, and sign up with that organization on Read for Missions fundraising website.

Your children commit to reading for a certain number of hours, a certain number of pages or a certain number of books.

We recommend missionary biographies, stories of redemption, stories that showcase Christian spiritual growth or any spiritually edifying literature—novels, poetry, fiction, and more—you choose!

Alternately, if your children are too young to read, you can agree to read aloud and have your children listen.

You get to decide whether you also want to include ebooks, audiobooks, videos, blogs, etc.

You can find a list of suggested options here.

Share your children’s goal, and ask people to sponsor your children’s reading.

Once you sign up, this toolkit of printables can help you recruit sponsors and solidify your children's learning. You might want to share what your children are learning with their sponsors, to expand the blessing.

At the end, share your students’ progress and keep sponsors updated on what your children read.

Sonlight is happy to offer a $200,000 matching grant.
For any funds your children raise with sponsorships, Sonlight will double it.

Sign Up Today

As you read, you're helping spread awareness and raise funds that enable these missions agencies to continue their work in reaching the unreached with the love of Christ.

Click on each organization’s logo to learn more and choose which one to support during Read for Missions.

Funds raised for each organization will all contribute towards Sonlight’s total $200,000 match.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

Pioneers | Raised: $122,221 Goal: $100,000


Mission India | Raised: $41,802 Goal: $100,000


Seed Company | Raised: $24,574 Goal: $100,000


FEBC | Raised: $21,253 Goal: $100,000


More Ways to Make a Difference

#1 Spread the Word

Share about your participation in Read for Missions on your favorite social media channels! For every tweet, post or snap with #sonlightstories and #sonlightreadathon, Sonlight will donate a $1 towards our overall goal!


"Thank you for including mission projects every year! We have always participated in them but found that this years HBL 100 prayer devo book included an envelope for Mission India in it. I gave my son the choice of the readathon or making an outright donation that we would match. He chose to give $50 of his own money, which we doubled. Check went out Friday. Thank you, again, for being the BEST curriculum providers and mission advocates. Truly thankful that your mission opportunities have grown a giving heart in our child. And he really loves Mission India and knowing how many kids he can send to bible club. ♡"

— Kris T

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to register multiple reader profiles profile under the same account?

Yes! You can have multiple profiles under one email address:

  1. Log in with an existing email address they have in Classy.
  2. Click the "Become Fundraiser" button.
  3. Choose the Team you want to be a part of.
  4. Hit the button that says "Start New Page".
  5. Fill out the rest of the information using a different name.

Repeat steps 2–5 for each reader. You can change the name of your fundraiser once the new page is created.

Where can I find the toolkit of printables to help me recruit sponsors and solidify my children's learning?

The toolkit can be found in the email confirmation you receive after creating your fundraising page, or at this link:

Why isn't my image isn’t showing up on my fundraising page?

Your image needs to be 300x300 so you will have to crop the image into a square.

How do I edit my fundraising page after it is set up?

You can manage your fundraising page by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Classy (the web service hosting Read for Missions) account.
  2. Select the page to be edited from the drop-down in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Once you are on your page, select "manage" in the top right-hand corner of your personal page.

You have the ability to change and edit many aspects of your page from there.

How can a sponsor donate via a check?

Checks should be sent directly to the agency you have picked to support. Please provide your sponsor with the address of the agency you are raising money from below. Ask them to add a note that directs their donation to Read for Missions and have them include the name of the student they are sponsoring.

  • Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC):
    PO Box 1
    La Mirada, CA 90637
  • Mission India:
    Mission India
    PO Box 141312
    Grand Rapids, MI 49514-1312
  • Pioneers:
    Pioneers Donor Services
    10123 William Carey Drive
    Orlando, FL 32832
  • Seed Company:
    Seed Company
    220 Westway Place, Suite 100
    Arlington, TX 76022